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Adele Smyth

Adele Smyth

QUALIFICATIONS: Michael King Pilates, Body Control Pilates, Pre & Post Natal trained

Adele qualified as a nurse in 2000 and has worked in the health and wellness industry since 1995. Before her career in the medical field, Adele trained as a dancer and has always had a passion and interest in spinal and body movement and body mechanics.

Alongside her nursing , Adele trained as an advanced sport massage practitioner and has had the pleasure of working with elite triathletes, cyclists and national school’s champions; as well as the New Zealand All Blacks and NFL teams.

It was whilst pregnant with her second daughter 15 years ago that Adele came across Pilates and quickly saw how a regular practise helped to keep her body feeling strong and functional throughout her pregnancy. Needing some rehab after her daughter was born sparked Adele’s interest and commitment to helping women to strengthen and restore their bodies following birth, and this led to her continuing work as Pilates teacher and pre and post natal specialist. Adele qualified as a Pilates teacher 6 months after her daughter was born!

Adele now works closely with women who have experienced pelvic floor dysfunction and abdominal issues, and provides bespoke Pilates and rehab sessions to help them reconnect back to their body.

Having studied ballet for many years, a natural progression for Adele was to train as a Barre teacher. Her love of ballet saw her train with 2 of the UK’s leading barre companies and Adele regularly features some of her favourite barre moves within her Pilates sessions!

Having competed in various triathlons , half and full marathons and a half ironman, Adele sees how combining Pilates into your exercise regime hugely helps to maintain a strong and flexible body to prevent injuries and perform to your best ability.

Adele’s fascination with spinal movement has continued over the years and she is passionate about helping people to move freely without discomfort and be functionally fit.

When Adele is not at the clinic she can be found running by the river with her dog and spending time at the barre!