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Begum Komurcuoglu

Begum Komurcuoglu

Chartered Physiotherapist

QUALIFICATIONS: Chartered Physiotherapist, BSc Kinesiology, Polestar Comprehensive Rehabilitation

Begum graduated from the Doctor of Physiotherapy program at The University of Melbourne in 2016 after moving to Australia from Toronto, Canada. In combination with her bachelor degree in Kinesiology, she is a strong believer of combining exercise therapy and manual techniques to help her clients to be pain free and achieve their goals. Begum gained variety of experiences by working in aged care facilities, private practice and sporting teams upon graduation.
Begum has a strong passion for sports physiotherapy, having worked with athletes at local and state level. She has a keen interest in acute sports injuries and sports rehabilitation, from years of providing sideline care to local Australian Rules Football (AFL) teams and state level soccer teams. In her time spent abroad, Begum gained experience at Shanghai Sunshine Rehabilitation Center with a focus on orthopaedic rehabilitation, both pre- and post- surgery.
In addition to her physiotherapy training, Begum completed the Comprehensive Polestar Rehabilitation course in Australia in 2019, after discovering the benefits of Pilates whilst treating her own musculoskeletal injuries. Begum is very passionate about helping people overcome injuries and pain to achieve goals and is interested in using Pilates to improve posture and functional movement to provide people with a better quality of life.
Begum is an avid traveller. In her free time, she enjoys exploring all that London has to offer, practicing her photography skills, and keeping active whether it’s playing tennis, rowing, going for a bike ride or hiking.

Pelvic and Spinal StabilityAdvanced exercises

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