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Chloe Bellas

Chloe Bellas

Clinical Pilates Instructor

QUALIFICATIONS: Polestar Pilates Comprehensive Instructor, Pre and post natal trained

Chloe’s career in the fitness industry started in 2010 when she qualified as a personal trainer in London and has worked with a large number of clients from different age groups throughout the years.
Along her journey Chloe trained as a barre instructor. She then went on to discover Pilates. She was amazed by how quickly she saw changes in her own body and was left craving more! Having experienced many different styles of teaching Chloe was drawn to the rehabilitation side of Pilates and upon further research was introduced to Polestar. She embarked on their training programme and since then has coached clients through injuries, muscle imbalances & poor posture.
She is fascinated by how the body works, she enjoys helping others improve their biomechanics and quality of movement in a meaningful way and loves the mind to body connection that Pilates has to offer. This results in her clients building body awareness, helping them overcome life stresses and improving their quality of life and confidence as they take what they learn away from their sessions and into their daily lives.
Pelvic and Spinal StabilityAdvanced exercises

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