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Kim Ainsworth

Kim Ainsworth

Clinical Pilates Instructor

QUALIFICATIONS: BASI Comprehensive Pilates Teacher Training, Pre and Post natal training, massage therapy.

Kim trained with BASI Pilates (Body Arts & Science International). Her rigorous training as a child gymnast meant that she has always had a passion for movement, and fell in love with Pilates instantly.
After various injuries meant that she not only learnt the intricacies of human anatomy so that she could use Pilates to rehabilitate her own body, Kim also learnt what restricted movement felt like, giving her a whole new perspective on the subject.
She enjoys the subtleties of Pilates and through continued personal practice tries to connect and deepen her understanding of the body and sensations that Pilates brings in the hope that her clients can be as passionate about the work as she is.
She is a conscientious teacher and believes that Pilates will make you feel great no matter what your body.
Pelvic and Spinal StabilityAdvanced exercises

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