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Ruth Smith – Business Development Lead

Ruth Smith

QUALIFICATIONS: Chartered Physiotherapist, APPI Pilates Instructor

Ruth qualified as a Chartered Physiotherapist from Kings College London in 2002 and gained a wide base of knowledge from working in a number of London teaching hospitals.  Moving into the private sector after 4 years in the NHS she specialised in musculoskeletal physiotherapy and sports rehab.  In this environment Ruth quickly found that exercise and rehab were the focus of her approach with clients at all levels.  She soon began her Pilates training and qualified as a fully certified mat-work Pilates Instructor with APPI in 2008.  Since then she has been teaching classes, individual sessions, focused workshops and integrating the technique into her musculoskeletal Physiotherapy practice.

Her Physiotherapy work has led her to be involved in elite sport with the GB canoeing team providing Physiotherapy support on training camps and international competitions.   Ruth was able to demonstrate to the coaching teams and the athletes the benefits of Pilates in their training in both performance enhancement and injury prevention.  Pilates became a core part of their training programs across the board. More recently she has been working in a multidisciplinary sports medicine clinic as Physiotherapist and head of Pilates across 7 London clinics.

Ruth is now able to bring this invaluable experience of working in the leadership team of a large London wide clinic group to her business development lead role here at Complete Pilates.