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Sydney Yoshida

Sydney Yoshida

Clinical Pilates Instructor

QUALIFICATIONS: Polestar Pilates Comprehensive Rehabilitation.

Sydney discovered Pilates over 10 years ago. Since childhood, she had always been very active and involved in sport, but Pilates opened up a new way of thinking about movement. She loved the way that it made her feel and became hooked. She continued to do Pilates through both of her pregnancies and has used it as a tool to help recover from injuries. Through Pilates, she developed a strong awareness of how she moved in everyday life and became empowered to learn to move more efficiently.

She began her career in the financial services industry but ultimately chose to follow her passion by training with Polestar Pilates three years ago. She is a strong believer that good postural alignment and improved core strength benefits all aspects of life, including performance in sport. She is always up for spin class with friends and practices yoga as often as she can. When not in the studio, she enjoys travelling with her family.