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Everything you need to know about cookies

Current version 1.1 – 28th May 2019

Version 1.0

Like pretty much everyone we use cookies on our website. When you use the Complete Pilates app or our website you are agreeing to using our cookies.

What are cookies?

Cookies are little files which go onto your computer or phone every time you use a website like ours. Basically, they are like little stickers or flags. They are designed for us to be able to see how many times you have visited our site, how long you have spent there, what you have looked and what you have done. The site records these things and then will show you things that are relevant to you based on the information you have entered and things you have looked at. They can also be stored to save you logging in every time you visit the site.

The length of time that this is stored for depends on the type of cookie, but is generally between a minute and 2 years.

What we don’t use cookies for

Cookies don’t store any of your payment information. We also don’t use them to save any personal information without your say so.

We also don’t sell or pass any of the data that is stored to any other people. This includes people who want to sell you stuff.

You can learn more about the types of cookies we use below.

Types of cookies

  • Persistent cookies
  • Session cookies
  • Third-party cookies

We use persistent and session cookies to track what you’re doing when you visit our site. These help improve how it works and try to give you a better experience.

We cannot turn off persistent cookies. These let us remember whether you have logged in or not and let us remember you when you come back to our site.

Session cookies are the ones which let us see where and how you spend your time. They help us work out which bits are effective, and which aren’t. They also tell us how you are looking at our website, for example using your phone or computer. This means that we can see if our site isn’t working properly on a type of device. These also show us how you have found us, for example through google.

Third-party cookies work by sharing your browser identification with other people. We use these for people like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube. This is so that they can show you ads on their site. Unfortunately, we cannot turn these off.

We also use MindBody. This is our booking system and helps you to make appointments online and see what is available with our different instructors.

If you want to know all the technical bits about the cookies we store just click here.

Can you turn cookies off?

Yes, you can but how you do this depends on your phone settings or the browser you are using. If you are not sure you can search it or check out the ‘Help’ section.

If you do turn your cookies off, you may find that the website doesn’t work as well as before or you see things that you don’t find relevant. You also won’t be remembered if you have logged in before so will have to log in again.

To find out more you can read our Privacy Policy.

If you want to talk to anyone about this please contact us at