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Postnatal Pilates London City

If you’re looking for postnatal Pilates in London’s City district then look no further!

Complete Pilates boasts some of the best postnatal Pilates teachers in the London City area.

Why choose us to support you after pregnancy?

Our instructors are trained to the highest standard and are very experienced in working with pregnant women who want to perform Pilates and treating common pregnancy-related issues.

We also have a team of Women’s Health Physiotherapists. One member of our team is even a Clinical Pilates teacher and a Women’s Health Physio. We also have Soft Tissue Therapists working alongside us.

Through this we are able to meet all your needs. This includes ensuring that you are referred for things like ultrasounds to check the health of your pelvic floor, should you need it.

What the postnatal body needs

Given what your body has just been through, it is vital that it receives good postnatal support.

According to one of London’s leading hospitals, University College London; “After your baby is born, it is important to follow a series of exercises to strengthen the muscles which have been stretched by pregnancy and birth.”

The problem with not doing so can result in pelvic floor damage, backache and postural issues.

These problems can also make it difficult to get back to a healthy shape.

Why choose postnatal Pilates?

Once postnatal women have been given the 6-week go-ahead by a doctor, it is important for them to start rebuilding core strength and overall fitness.

Pilates is a good way of doing this because it provides a gentle, full-body workout.

Pilates is also a great option because it focuses on those areas that are problematic after pregnancy. Areas such as the pelvic floor and the abdominals.

However, if Pilates exercises are done incorrectly, existing pelvic floor issues can be worsened.

Postnatal Pilates 1-2-1 sessions

The 1-2-1 sessions that take place at our studio in the City are the perfect option for women post-pregnancy. Each session can be designed to suit the individual.

The specialised postnatal Pilates we offer is also great for helping to treat specific postnatal conditions. Such the separation of the abdominal wall known as Diastasis.

Our pre-and postnatal trained instructors also have a deep understanding of how pregnancy impacts the pelvic floor and how to use Pilates to re-educate it.

This can make a huge difference in the rehabilitation of the pelvic floor for those women who have just given birth.

Aside from the physical benefits

Pilates sessions with our instructors at our London City studio can help you find some much needed “me” time.

As busy new mums, having a Pilates session is a great way for you to relax, restore, and allow the body to fully recover.

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