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Pilates for core strength


Are you wondering how to increase your core strength? Have you been struggling with back pain and think this will help? Do you simply want to move better in the gym or increase the variety in your training programme?

Here at Complete Pilates, many of us are physiotherapists and we all regularly see people who have had injuries. When we assess movement, we often see that there is a lack of strength in your stability system and you are not moving as efficiently as you could. Most people think that to get stronger, or reduce back pain, you need to strengthen your abdominals. Although a lot of strength and stability comes from your trunk, or core, this is not just your abdominals. It includes the muscles through your side, back, and the top and bottom, so your diaphragm and pelvic floor. Working well through this area can help reduce the risk of injury.

Have you found that you have plateaued in your sport or in the gym, or are getting lots of niggles as you up your weight?

The other thing we see here at Complete Pilates is people who work out in the gym a lot, or are regularly training for a specific sport, but not working on the quality of their movement patterns. Because of this a lot of people will plateau or start picking up niggles. However, strength training is so important!

For instance, if you are trying to squat or deadlift, but do not have appropriate hip mobility or control through your pelvis and spine, as you start adding weight, you start to struggle and then pick up lots of little injuries.

Pilates for Men

With sports that involve our upper body more like swimming, racquet sports or boxing, we need good strength, organisation and control through our whole upper body. This is not only the arms but the shoulder blades, our head and neck and the rest of our trunk. This is also true if you are holding positions such as bending over in cycling.

We often find that people are good at getting into their sport-specific training. Doing the running, cyclingswimming, or weights to train, but are not doing the core strength training behind the scenes that give you the ability to do that effectively.

Benefits of having a strong core

By training your core you train the muscles in your pelvis, lower back, hips and abdomen to work in harmony. This leads to:

  • Reduction of injury as your movements are more efficient
  • Improved balance and stability
  • Improved ability in sport due to your increased mobility and stability

This is what Pilates will give you. It will help you with the mobility you need, the quality of movement and develop your underlying core strength, to enable you to move more efficiently; allowing you to add weight or increase your distance so you can achieve your goals.

Pilates for circus performers

All of our instructors at Complete can assess your movement to make sure that we are putting together a Pilates program that is perfect for you. And don’t worry, it is not just lying on a mat, breathing and moving one arm or one leg. If you are coming into the studio’s, we have got all the equipment to really challenge you. If you are working with us online, we know exactly how to use things around your home. We have worked with a variety of top athletes, dancers and circus performers, not only to help them through injury, but also to support their regular training, help them perform better, make them move more efficiently and we can do that for you too!

If you’ve got any questions about this and how Pilates can help to support your sport and your gym program, get in touch.

We look forward to seeing you in the studio soon.


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