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The thing I really like about Complete Pilates is that it’s one on one and the instructors are very specialised. I’m really understanding how to work my body properly. It’s really personal here.

Ella Fenwick

I’ve been coming to Complete Pilates for about 3 years now.. Adding Pilates into my already rigorous training schedule helps a lot.. There’s no impact, there’s a lot of focus on how the body is moving in the correct way which helps to increase your bio-mechanics and lets your body function the way it should.

Charlie Raposo

I cannot recommend Complete Pilates enough. Helen is an incredible instructor, and coupled with her knowledge as a first class physio, she was able to tailor each of my sessions to maximize results safely and effectively. The space is perfect, clean and well kept, and the small class sizes means you get the best individualized attention to keep you on track. I’ve never felt better thanks to Complete Pilates!

Dalen Vigil

Having been scared of coming to Pilates after a bad experience I am so pleased I found complete Pilates! The instructors are lovely and Helen being a Physio as well as an instructor put my mind at ease with my previous injuries so now I get a great core session without any pains. I feel great after a class, I’m already standing taller and my stomach’s looking flatter! Highly recommend.

Emily Drakes

It is truly the most impressive studio in London. Pilates is a highly technical discipline and all the team are at the top of their game as teachers. If you are in acute pain, you should visit and enjoy the journey back to health and a new lifestyle.

Jonathan Kandel

I was recommended Pilates by my Physiotherapist to complement a rehab program for a knee injury, and had Complete-Pilates suggested by a friend. The initial assessment (with Helen) was thorough, and whilst it was surprisingly hard work at times, was pretty relaxed. The fact that she had a very good understanding of the physiology around the injury was obvious – we came up with plan to support my ongoing physio program.

My subsequent sessions were with a couple of the other instructors – they were always friendly and kept the sessions light (even when some of the exercises weren’t!). They would always be clear about why we were doing certain things and knowledgable if I had any questions – probably should repay that a little by being better at doing some of the ‘homework’ they set…

Highly recommended.

Chris Rowe

The consistent meticulous focus on technique and each person’s particular needs means that Complete-Pilates is quite unlike any other Pilates I have ever done. The results are spectacular and thanks to the assiduous vigilance and care of all the instructors I’m no longer in pain and am improving rapidly. I cannot recommend Complete-Pilates highly enough.

N Eh

I have seen multiple physio’s and clinicians for chronic neck and back pain as well as a multitude of injuries which come from years of playing professional rugby. Complete-Pilates offered a thorough approach which took into account all my normal daily activities. They were very friendly and their knowledge and imagination constantly surprised me. They also made each session fun and interesting as well as making it challenging.

Trevor Woodman MBE
Pelvic and Spinal StabilityAdvanced exercises

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