Pilates Classes in London

Whether in our London Pilates studios or online, your Pilates class will be tailored to your goals and needs by one of our physiotherapists or highly experienced clinical Pilates instructors.

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Pilates Classes In London

At Complete Pilates, we have designed our 1:1 Pilates classes and courses not just to improve fitness but also to aid recovery from a range of injuries, surgeries and chronic health issues.

Our instructors have a strong understanding of pathology, pain management and biomechanics and have worked with some of the world’s top athletes and artistic performers to aid their recovery.

We have equipment Pilates studios across London: Angel, Chelsea and The City, and offer 1 hour Pilates class 1-on-1 with a professional, accredited instructor. If your doctor has suggested Pilates to aid your recovery, we will work with them and your medical history to create the perfect programme for you.

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for two 1:1 sessions

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The most sought-after Pilates instructors in London

Our team is assembled of the highest qualified and friendliest Pilates instructors that London has to offer.

Each instructor has extensive Polestar Polatest training, as well as our own in-house training development.

Whether you are starting Pilates following treatment for cancer or for fitness, we will match you with the perfect instructor for your needs.

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Our expertise include:

Rehabilitation from injury or illness (including cancer)

Strength and fitness training

Treatment for osteoporosis

Improve your posture and mobility

Pre and post natal training

Why choose Complete Pilates

Pilates Classes In London

At Complete Pilates, we have designed our 1:1 Pilates classes and courses not just to improve fitness but also to aid recovery from a range of injuries, surgeries and chronic health issues.

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Getting you started with Pilates

At Complete Pilates, we will always ensure your Pilates training is designed around your goals, needs and situation. So, we take the time to get to know you before we start your training.

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Whether you have been referred to us by a doctor, word of mouth, or found us of your own accord, simply book a 1:1 session and we will be straight in touch to discuss your needs.

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We will discuss with your your situation and goals – whether you have an injury or are recovering from an illness or simply want to gain strength and fitness. We will tailor your Pilates course for you.

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Knowing your personal goals, we will work with you to find you the best Pilates instructor for you. We offer your first two Pilates sessions at a discounted £80 for both, so you can be confident it’s right for you before booking more.

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Choosing the right Pilates class in London

Woman undertaking a pilates session in London

Choosing the right Pilates class for you is so important. Firstly, you need to choose whether you join a group class or invest in 1:1 sessions.

If you have any medical complaint or history of recurrent pain, then we would strongly recommend a 1:1 Pilates class. This is also suitable for those who have tried classes and haven’t enjoyed them or can never quite understand what you are supposed to do.

The next thing to decide is whether you choose to do mat or equipment.

Again, equipment Pilates is suitable if you have struggled with exercise, are never quite sure if you are doing the exercises well, or you have an injury, are post surgery, or have a medical complaint.

The great thing about equipment Pilates is that it can be assistive or resistive. This means that it can be less than body weight if you are partial weight-bearing, or can be harder for strength challenges. The assistive nature of the springs also makes sure that you are doing movements well. It is really hard to cheat on a reformer!

Mat Pilates is incredibly accessible and can be done anywhere! It challenges you to know where your body is in space and uses your body weight for resistance so is great for strength building.

At Complete Pilates we offer a mixture of everything. We specialise in 1:1 clinical Pilates to where everything is tailored to you. Whether you see us online, or face-to-face in one of our fully-equipped London based studios, we can offer a mat or equipment-based Pilates session. We also have online mat group classes that span different abilities from beginner to advanced.

For all our group classes we offer exercise modifications and flag up where you should be feeling things so you have a thorough understanding of what you should be doing. If you are ever in doubt, we also have a back to basics class which really focuses on the detail of movements so you perfect your technique.

What are the benefits of Pilates

The benefits of Pilates are huge but include:

  • increased core strength
  • increased posture
  • increased body awareness
  • increased flexibility
  • improved mobility
  • low impact sport
  • pain relief
  • mindfulness
  • stress management and relaxation
  • improved balance and co-ordination
  • can be partial weight-bearing to help with surgical recovery
  • improve breathing mechanics
  • injury rehab
  • works alongside other training programme
  • sports performance improvement
A woman enjoying a Pilates class