Core values

  • Creating a culture of warmth and inclusivity, where everyone belongs, is supported and everyone is welcome.
  • Treating each client as an individual and with respect to provide the highest quality rehabilitation and movement re-training
  • To create a fair business which is open, honest and transparent to all members of our community

Since we opened in 2015, we have been working to create a community both within the Complete team and with our patient’s. Our initial aim was to be different and be the company that you wanted to work for. Something that put family and learning ahead of profit.

We asked all our instructors, past and present, to tell us words or short phrases that came to mind when they thought about us and our values.

This is what they said:

When we looked at these, firstly it made us smile, but it also made us think about what we are trying to do and where we are trying to get to.

A business perspective

The important thing for us is that we are fair and honest about what we do. We are here to help people recover from injuries or illness or enhance their current health and wellbeing. We want to make this easy.

We are a small company and have big ideas. We try and answer any of your questions honestly, even if it is a difficult subject. We also believe in giving you reasons for why things are changing and admitting when we have not done something well. Hopefully, this honesty builds trust towards us and as a result, loyalty.

Your feedback is invaluable, and we have made some great changes based on it, including sending reminder emails out 48 hours in advance so you can cancel before you are charged. Seems simple but it took us 18 months to realise this!

Our team

Work is one of the things we do most of in our lives, therefore we believe you should enjoy, and not resent it. Loving what we do and enjoying being at work is one of our fundamental principles.

The best thing about healthcare is that we never know enough. There are always amazing discoveries, new surgical techniques or even new ways of thinking. This means that you should always be learning and questioning the way you are working. Our ideal is to treat each client as an individual and provide you with the highest quality rehabilitation and movement re-training. Our learning and development is key to make sure that happens.

One of the amazing things about us is our team, both internal and external. We aim to help each other develop, not only professionally with their skills and business knowledge but also personally. This helps us relate to our patients better, have stronger relationships and make work a happy place. We are here to support each other and ask questions, not pick each other apart. The support within the team aids this and hopefully creates a space where everyone belongs, is supported in whatever they need, and everyone is welcome.

Our wider network of consultants, other physio groups, strength and conditioners, podiatrists, psychologists, osteopaths, sports doctors, the list goes on, are all amazing at what they do, and we learn from them all the time. This also means that we have great people we can refer you onto if we are not the best people to help you.

Our patients

Obviously, we would not exist without you. We feel very lucky with our patients, and yes, although we annoy each other sometimes, we still try and do the best for everyone. We recognise that not one size fits all, and that we have to tailor everything to the person in front of us.

We have tried to create a place for you to come which you love. Rehab should be as enjoyable as possible and we believe laughter, and occasionally sarcasm, is key to recovery. Because our team is a happy one who loves what we do, this is hopefully felt by you.