Our research

Our research

If you are recovering from an injury or surgery, we believe that education is a key part of your rehab. This means that you understand not only what is happening within your body, but also why you are doing things within your rehab.

By asking questions, you are more likely to buy into your rehab and so will do those home exercises.

At Complete Pilates we also believe in trying to prove what we do. We believe that Pilates is an amazing adjunct within your rehabilitation, but understand the quality of teaching can be variable due to a lack of training and large class sizes.

There is limited evidence surrounding Pilates. As a result we have linked with BARTS NHS trust to try to collect original data within our field. The aim of this is to drive both the medical and fitness community forwards and become leaders for research in our field.

We are working on a few exciting projects which will all appear here once they are finished. Keep checking back to stay up to date, but in the meantime check out our current research page which makes research easy to digest.