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Recovering from illness


Have you recently been diagnosed with heart problems? Maybe you have been told you have diabetes? Or are you recovering from cancer and want to know how you can start being more active?

Recovery from illnesses such as cancer, heart disease, or a stroke requires specialist rehab. Although this may only be for a couple of sessions, often, this journey needs to begin on an individual basis rather than a class. This helps you to understand what your body needs and how you recover. It also ensures you are working towards your goals before getting slightly less attention.

As I am sure you know, although the illness or the treatment you have undergone may only affect one area of your body, it is often our entire physical and mental wellbeing which are impacted.

Here at Complete Pilates, many of us are physiotherapists and we are all extensively trained in clinical Pilates. That means that we individually asses each person and reason around the exercises we give you. It is not a one size fits all process. We take into account your medical history, the treatment you have had or are undergoing, and look at your body and wellbeing as a whole.

Exercise and cancer

We want to know what your movement is like. What is your strength is like? Which areas do you need to concentrate on to improve in daily life? How is that going to be appropriate for you in conjunction with any treatment you are receiving?

All these things need to be considered when you are re-starting exercise.

Pilates can be a great adjunct to your treatment and the benefits of exercise and illness recovery are well documented. If you are coming into the studio, the equipment can be incredibly assistive and supportive in helping you re-learn movement patterns. This will help build your confidence!

Return to exercise

If you are seeing us online, we can use a variety of household objects to help you start to build some strength. In turn this will make you feel more able to participate in normal activities.

We liaise with and work closely with anyone who is helping you in your recovery. This may be your consultants, GP, surgeon, or personal trainer. We make sure that what we are doing is going to compliment your treatment and help you through your recovery processes. We believe this is not a purely physical thing, but we need to build up your confidence and desire to be more active.

If you have any specific questions around how Pilates can get you moving, your illness or your treatment, do get in touch.

We look forward to seeing you in the studio soon.


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