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Do you spend a lot of time at your desk and want better posture? Are you always complaining that your back is sore and stiff? Maybe you are trying to get back into exercise after giving birth? Or do you want to get stronger in your upper body?

This is the movement for you!

This is a great movement if you are looking for something quick to do, whilst ticking a lot of the boxes! Understanding how to weight-bear is key if you want to move onto bigger movements like a plank. In this position you are holding yourself up against gravity which is also great to strengthen your back muscles. This will automatically improve your posture.

Top tips

  1. Get your head involved!
    Your head is part of your spine so needs to follow it! Try to avoid letting hang down completely and hinging to look high towards the sky. Instead, move your gaze gently and try to keep length in the back of your neck.
  2. You should get no back pain!
    If you are feeling this movement in your lower back, you are likely moving from there. Remember your pelvic clock please link to pelvic clock as this is the bases of this movement. Your spine should respond like a chain of dominos.
  3. Use a mirror
    This is a great way of seeing how you are moving if you are unsure. Go sideways on and make sure that you are getting a distributed movement rather than a large arch in your back.
  4. Use your breath
    Try using your inhale breath to help your extension, and exhale breath to help you flex. If you are hypermobile, try reversing your breath to give you more stability.

Education is key

These exercises are designed for us to give to our clients. If you have not seen one of our therapists and have any questions about injuries, what you have read or whether this may be useful to you, please just ask please link to a contact form which opens in the same page. We are more than happy to help anyone and point you in the right direction. Our biggest belief is that education is key. The more you understand about your injury, illness and movement, the more you are likely to improve.
If you are not sure whether this is for you, simply get in touch. We are here to help!

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