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Jana Zordan

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Jana Zordan

Clinical Pilates Instructor

QUALIFICATIONS: MA Physical Theatre, Polestar Pilates Comprehensive, Stott Pilates Certified, Pre and Post Natal Certified

Jana comes from a background of performing arts and since a young age has practiced different dance styles as a student and later as a teacher in her hometown Bratislava, Slovakia.

In 2010 Jana completed her Master in Physical Theatre in Prague, Czech Republic. After graduation she co-founded a Contemporary Circus company, performing and teaching around the world as an aerial acrobat. Throughout her years as a performer and during the strenuous training regimes, she realised that she needed to learn how to keep both her body and her mind in balance and found the perfect answer in the Pilates Method.

In 2013, hungry for new challenges, Jana moved to London. She has always had a passion for how the human body moves and the potential it has. For years Jana has practiced equipment pila-tes herself. Recognising the benefits, she became a fully qualified instructor through Stott Pilates in 2016. Jana has since had the opportunity to work with different teachers and has gained experience with different methods, techniques and schools of thought. She has also gained significant experience as a Postnatal Pilates instructor and strongly believes in the importance of a correct approach to the postpartum recovery. This ensures that she can accompany new mums, step by step, towards the final goal of getting their body and confidence back.

Jana’s greatest professional satisfaction is seeing the improvements of her clients and is constantly widening her knowledge and interest in the areas of both Clinical Pilates and rehabilitation. Thanks to her past as a performer, Jana appreciates both the little details and the overall harmony of body movement which helps her give an artistic touch and holistic approach to her Pilates approach.

Pelvic and Spinal StabilityAdvanced exercises

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