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Monica Alemany

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Monica Alemany

QUALIFICATIONS: Cert. Creative Dance, Dip. in Performing arts/Dance, Polestar Comprehensive Certified, Pre and Post natal Certified

Monica’s passion for dance, Pilates, yoga, art, music and healthy life style enlivens her work. Monica’s journey started in contemporary dance, ballet and jazz in Barcelona.

Monica moved to London to fulfill her interest in languages and studied English. While in London, Monica undertook a Certificate in Creative Dance in NewVic College in 2005 and in 2007, Monica completed a Diploma in Performing Arts: Dance at the University of Birkbeck. While, studying her Diploma and with a continuous thirst for learning, Monica was introduced to salsa/mambo in 2004. Monica loved the passion, sensuality and energy of this dance so in 2007, Monica started training in mambo with well-established teachers and performing in London and Europe.

While performing mambo and due to lower back pain (still love the heels though), Monica started taking pilates and yoga classes. Quickly, Monica fell in love with the holistic approach and quick recovery. Also, loving the connection and fluidity between movement/breath and body/mind. Monica learnt how to strengthen her body from inside out. In 2010, following her interest in movement therapy, holistic health and wellness and with a desire to help others, Monica qualified in Mat Pilates with Polestar Pilates and in 2014, Monica qualified in Studio Equipment also including pre and post natal qualifications.

In her free time, you will find Monica either travelling, enjoying nature, theatre, personal development and lately, learning tantra, meditation and spirituality exploring the mysteries of genuine femininity, love, sensuality and spiritual evolution for a woman in this day and age.