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Pilates for Injury Rehabilitation and After Surgery


Have you recently had an operation and are struggling with range of movement? Do you keep getting the same injury over and over again. Or has your surgeon suggested Pilates as part of your rehab and you are not sure where to go?

At Complete Pilates, we work with a huge range of consultants, doctors and other medical professionals, to help you in your rehab. We have found that Pilates is fantastic in helping you recover from any injury or operation.

Many of us at Complete Pilates are physiotherapists and all of us have undergone extensive postgraduate training in clinical Pilates. This does not just mean we know a lot of exercises, but we can reason around your pain and limitations to get you moving quickly and safely. Because of our medical background, we can also take into account any underlying medical conditions or surgeries you may have had.

Pilates after surgery

One of the things that we feel is integral to your recovery is communication. We liaise directly and work alongside your sports doctor or surgeon, to make sure that we are able to give you a bespoke programme that compliments any other treatment you are also having.

The beauty of this is that it works at all stages of your recovery. If you are post-op, for example after knee surgery and are not able to fully weight-bear, but your knee feel stiff and you need to get your range of movement back, we can help! In the studio, we can get you moving on the equipment. The springs allow us to work at less than body weight to mimic partial weight-bearing. However, the specificity of it means that we can work with you safely, whilst still progressing you with your range of movement and your strength.

Pilates after knee surgery
Pilates after knee surgery

As you progress through your rehab, we can add load and challenge you in your exercises. Everything is designed specifically for you, your goals and your recovery. Importantly, we can also work with strength and conditioners or other professionals who may be key in helping you succeed. We believe that rehab is never about one form of treatment, but adapting and changing to what evolves around us.

If you have any questions about injury rehab, or recovery after surgery, just ask.

We look forward to seeing you in the studio soon.


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