Pilates for men

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Do you think Pilates is just for girls? Are you always complaining to your PT, partner or family that you’re feeling stiff? Do you struggle to get into a really good squat because your hips feel a bit stiff?

Pilates can help you with all of this and is not just for girls! When you’ve got legends like Cristiano Ronaldo and even James Bond doing it, it must be good for you!

Now, we’re definitely not saying that Pilates is the only thing you should do. Variety is key to progression so an important part of your training.

Below are four great reasons why Pilates IS for men.

Work your stability muscles

Everyone needs to build a good base. Having muscles which look good and perhaps work on your beach body weights is great, but it doesn’t actually necessarily give you good strength and the ability to protect your back  and enable you to move freely without injury.

To be efficient in movements like squat, deadlift and bench press, you need to have that strong stable base so you can protect your spine and let your big movement muscles to do their real job…being powerful! Reformer Pilates for men can help you do this incredibly well.

The most common back injury is with the discs in the lower spine and this tends to happen particularly in people who are lifting weights. Mens Pilates classes helps you create a stable base and the movement that goes with it. This means you’re less likely to be overloading your back. Instead you can use the movement in your hips and pelvis to allow you to move effectively.

Reformer Pilates for men can really help here! In mens Pilates classes, we can teach you to differentiate the movement between your hips, pelvis, spine and the rest of your body. We make sure that you’re not overloading your back, but instead, that you’re getting your movement effectively from all areas.

Improve your sports performance

One of the common reason’s guys don’t necessarily do Pilates is because it’s often seen as just lying on your back and breathing, maybe lifting an arm and a leg up.

Actually, in mens Pilates classes we can get you into the really complex movement patterns that you need for everyday life and for sports. Reformer Pilates for men is brilliant at this. In fact, all the equipment is!

We can challenge your body into rotation, with movements in your upper body, lower body and single leg work.

All these movements apply to sports like tennis, squash, cycling, and swimming. Anything which requires full body integration.

Great mens Pilates classes can do this equally as well in the studio and in online sessions. We feel that the instructors at Complete Pilates can do this and really challenge your body for what it needs to do to achieve your goals.

Pilates for men doesn’t necessarily mean lying in a room with lots of people doing lots deep breathing and gentle movements. We’re going to make you work hard and make you better at your sports and activities.

Improve your posture

Posture! Obviously with any type of Pilates, particularly Pilates for men or Pilates for older men, we talk about posture.

But why is it relevant for men particularly?

Do you work out in the gym and feel strong, but struggle to even hold a simple, good posture position during the day at your desk?

When we’re doing heavier exercises and lifting heavier weights, we tend to work on those faster, more powerful muscles. Actually, our posture needs us to have the control muscles working at a low level all day, every day.

These muscles are like marathon runners in your body and are often close to your spine, deep in your pelvis and your core. They are going to keep you in a good, strong posture throughout the day. Make you less likely to get aches and pains and less likely to get injured.

Pilates for men can help you to get these deep, underlying muscles strong enough to support your posture and also work on the movement you need to have good posture.

We know that the most important thing during the day is keeping moving regularly. We don’t want to stay in one position for any length of time, but we do need that underlying deep strength and mobility to allow us to get into those positions in the first place. Pilates for men can do this for you.

Injury prevention

We want to make you injury proof.

Are you somebody who’s been fit and active and done sports all your life? Maybe now you’re finding you’re starting to get little niggles or injuries that you didn’t have before.

We can put up with quite a lot in our bodies when we’re younger, up to around the age of 30. We’re pretty naturally injury proof.  As we get older and we keep challenging our body, particularly if you sit at a desk all day and then go and challenge your body in the evening, we need the underlying strength and stability work to allow our bodies to move and exercise freely without overloading and injuring certain tissues.

Pilates for older men as a one-to-one session can really focus around you as an individual. Mens Pilates classes are a good option as well but in general are not as specific.

One-to-one Pilates for older men allows you to find the areas in your body that may be a little bit more vulnerable. You can then target those so that you can be stronger, more mobile and less likely to get injured through doing your everyday activities and everyday sports.

At Complete Pilates we truly believe that Pilates is for everybody. Pilates for men whether it be online or in person can help you no matter what your goals.

Reformer Pilates for men can help you find those areas that you need to work on and will challenge you to a level that’s appropriate for you to make sure that you achieve your goals.

If you’re struggling with progressing your exercise programme, achieving what you want to achieve in sport, or maybe getting those niggly injuries, why not try Pilates for men?

Give it a go and see how we can help you.

You can book a session now. Just click on the book now button to start our new client intro offer; two one hour sessions with a physiotherapist, either in the studio or online.

Education is key:

These blogs are designed to give information to everyone, however, it is important to remember that everyone is different! If you have not seen one of our therapists and have any questions about injuries, what you have read or whether this may be useful to you, please just ask.

At Complete Pilates we would advise you to always speak to your doctor, physiotherapist, or clinical Pilates instructor here at Complete Pilates if you are worried about starting a new exercise regime.
We are more than happy to help anyone and point you in the right direction. Our biggest belief is that education is key. The more you understand about your injury, illness and movement, the more you are likely to improve.

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Pilates for Men

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Pilates for Men

Pilates for men - A white male performing Pilates exercise with the guidance of a pilates instructor

Pilates for Men

Mention the word “Pilates” and the image of bendy, latex-clad women might spring to mind.

But, whilst Pilates classes might be dominated by women, the method is actually a great choice for men looking to build strength and improve their flexibility.

We see the benefits of Pilates for our male clients every day at Complete Pilates. So, in our bid to convince all the men out there to give it a try, we’ve put together 4 compelling reasons for men to do Pilates.

Pilates for men #1. Build a strong foundation

Okay, so you’ve got a six-pack and you’re used to “smashing it” in the weights section at the gym. But how strong are you really?

You might look muscly but the body’s stabilising muscles, responsible for protecting your spine and joints (like your deep abs), can still be weak.

Pilates focuses on core strength and its controlled and precise movements build those deep core muscles.

For men, this means that regular Pilates practise will support your workouts at the gym. It will also help protect your spine and the joints in your lower limbs when you are lifting heavy weights.

Pilates for men #2. A 360 workout

Does your regular workout comprise mainly of bicep curls, running and squatting?

Then you’re only moving – and strengthening – the body in one plane.

This can leave your body weak in the other planes, like when you are rotating or bending the body, and make you vulnerable to injury.

Pilates works the body in all directions. You will therefore activate and strengthen those muscles that don’t often get worked during a regular session at the gym.

Not only will moving in this way help to tone some of those neglected muscles. But it will also make your gym workouts safer and more effective.

Pilates for men #3. Flexibility and mobility

Joseph Pilates himself once said; “A man is as young as his spinal column”.

Pilates exercises encourage good mobility and increased flexibility. Through this it helps to promote a healthy spine and joints.

Whilst this will keep you feeling young in the long term. In the short term, making sure the body stays mobile solves a lot of everyday aches and pains that result from our modern lifestyles.

So, for those men that struggle to touch their toes – and there are a lot of you out there – Pilates can be the perfect answer to your mobility and flexibility issues.

Pilates for men #4. Posture

Hours spent chained to an office desk have a terrible impact on posture. And men (like women) suffer the negative effects of this lifestyle with it most often showing itself in rounded shoulders and a forward head position

On a purely aesthetic level, this isn’t a good look. And, more importantly, bad posture can negatively impact breathing habits, as well as giving you a sore and achy neck and shoulders.

Again, Pilates can be the solution for men with poor posture and an antidote to those hours spent at a desk. This is because Pilates exercises improves spine mobility and strengthen the core and posterior chain – a magic combination which is sure to keep you standing tall.

Improving your breathing habits in this way can also aid relaxation. This means that regular Pilates practise is a great way to get some calm into your life at the same time as improving your posture.

Pilates is for men

As the list above proves, Pilates is for men. It promises to strengthen and stretch the body, protect it from injury, improve posture and make it possible for you to work harder at the gym.

So, to all the men out there, we encourage you to give Pilates a go. Do so and you might just find it the best – and most challenging – workout you’ve tried yet.

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