Podcast Episode 14: When injuries can become your identity with Donovan Pyle

In the second part of our long chat with Psychotherapist Donovan Pyle, we continue our deep discussion into many of the psychological aspects of health and injury.

In this section, we particularly look at topics such as when people’s injuries become their identity and how this can become a road block to recovery. We also discuss the importance of setting boundaries as a therapist and how across all modes of therapy, it is impossible to help absolutely all clients. We then look at how a therapist can manage the stress of this.

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Education is key:

These blogs are designed to give information to everyone, however, it is important to remember that everyone is different! If you have not seen one of our therapists and have any questions about injuries, what you have read or whether this may be useful to you, please just ask.

At Complete Pilates we would advise you to always speak to your doctor, physiotherapist, or clinical Pilates instructor here at Complete Pilates if you are worried about starting a new exercise regime.
We are more than happy to help anyone and point you in the right direction. Our biggest belief is that education is key. The more you understand about your injury, illness and movement, the more you are likely to improve.

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