If you read our article on why your feet need exercise, you’ll know that feet need to be kept strong and supple through exercise and massage. But unfortunately for our achy, immobile feet they – unlike a stiff mid-back – rarely receive much attention. So, to encourage you to start caring for them, we’ve put together 4 simple ways to strengthen your feet at home.

1. Strengthen your feet – Go barefoot

Feet stuck in rigid shoes all day become weak and unstable. So, one of the simplest things you can do to start strengthening your feet is to take your shoes off.

NB: This might not be advisable if you’re suffering with a foot condition like plantar fasciitis which requires you to protect the soles of your feet.

How to: If you’re used to being in shoes all day, chances are your feet might ache a bit when you start to go barefoot. Ease yourself in by spending short periods of time barefoot at first to build up your tolerance.

Signing up for Pilates classes is also helpful. Pilates is always performed barefoot, which makes attending them regularly a great way to ensure you spend time shoeless.

Strengthen your feet - The lower half of a white male wearing shorts walking on sand barefooted. He is photographed from behind with his shadow stretched out before him to the right.

2. Strengthen your feet – Calf raises

This exercise strengthens the tendons in your heels and calf muscles. These are the muscles which support your arch.

How to: Raise up on the balls of your feet then slowly lower down. Focus on controlling both aspects of the motion and not allowing the foot to roll inwards or outwards excessively.

Start with 3 sets of 10 reps. Progress this exercise by performing it with your heels hanging off a stair or block.

Strengthen your feet - A white male's lower legs. He is wearing dark coloured shorts of which only the bottom part of the shorts can be seen. He is wearing dark socks up to the ankles and white trainers. He is standing on tip toe with both feet balanced on a blue, square spond-like material set on a studio floor. The setting is internal with a well-lit room

3. Strengthen your feet – Doming

This move works the arch muscles as well as most of the muscles on the underside of the foot. It also helps strengthen important muscles of the inner side of the foot.

How to: Start either seated or standing and with your feet flat on the floor. Next, tighten the muscles in the sole of your foot. Your arch should raise up but your toes should stay uncurled. Hold with the arch raised or “domed” and then relax. Release and repeat 10 times.

Strengthen your feet - A pair of feet standing on a wooden floor - White, female feet.

4. Strengthen your feet – Flex and point

This exercise is a great – and challenging – way to strengthen your toes, arches and ankles.

How to: Loop a resistance band over the end of your feet making sure to cover your toes.

Take the ends of a resistance band between both hands. Remember: the harder you pull the band the harder the exercise will be, so go easy to begin with. Start by flexing the toes towards you. Then, start to press into the band with the pads of your feet as you press the foot towards the ground against resistance. End the movement with your toes pointed towards the ground.

To return to the starting position, engage the muscles in the foot as you “dome” your arch again. End by extending your toes (again against the resistance of the band) up towards the ceiling.

Strengthen your feet - A female using a stretch band wrapped around her left foot and held tightly with both hands using it to strengthen her feet

5. Strengthen your feet – Massage your feet

Okay, so this one isn’t really about strengthening your feet. But massaging your feet regularly (along with foot-focused exercises) will help you in your quest for strong, mobile feet. It’s also a great way to relieve tension in this area after a long day at work – or a night in heels!

How to: Perform this exercise in a seated position as this will help you avoid bruising to the sensitive skin on the bottom of your feet.

From here, place a massage or tennis ball under the sole of one foot. Roll the ball up and down the sides and middle of it, varying the pressure to find what feels appropriate. Next, massage the soles of your feet in a circular motion.

Pause longer on points that feel tight or achy for a better release being careful not to press too hard.

Strengthen your feet - A female sat on a chair resting her left foot on a small red ball

Do you regularly get sore feet? Have you tried the above and it isn’t quite getting rid of it? Why not book in to see how we can help.

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