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Do you get back pain and want an easy exercise to help? Do you wonder why you get lower back pain after being in the gym? Do you feel really stiff but never feel like you can get a good enough stretch or your mobility just is not improving? Maybe you have plateaued in your Pilates training and are not sure why?

Understanding this exercise is the basis for all movements we do!

Being able to do a pelvic tilt well, will improve your squat and deadlift, increase your stretch and help you to understand even the more complicated movements.

The best part? This exercise is suitable for pretty much everyone!

Top tips

  1. Finally find your ‘neutral’ spine 
    If you want to find your neutral spine, you need to master this. This will help you get stronger and stop imprinting your spine!
  2. Relax your bottom!
    You can start the movement by relaxing your glutes and simply letting your tailbone fall. This way you release the whole of your pelvic floor and will not start the movement in your back.
  3. Its ok to let your head move!
    Remember, your pelvis is attached to your spine, which is attached to your head! If you want to create full movement allow this to flow throughout rather than stopping it half way. This will help you to see the timing of your movements.
  4. Focus on your feet
    Feeling the pressure in your feet when you do this simple movement will help you to understand where some of the bigger movements come from. Full body integration starts at the beginning!

This movement can be a great way of getting you back into simple exercises after giving birth and can also aid your digestion!

Education is key

These exercises are designed for us to give to our clients. If you have not seen one of our therapists and have any questions about injuries, what you have read or whether this may be useful to you, please just ask please link to a contact form which opens in the same page. We are more than happy to help anyone and point you in the right direction. Our biggest belief is that education is key. The more you understand about your injury, illness and movement, the more you are likely to improve.
If you are not sure whether this is for you, simply get in touch. We are here to help!

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