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Chronic back pain

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Do you have lower back pain constantly? Do you experience regular flare ups where the pain stops you doing things? Are you regularly seeing an Osteopath or chiropractor to put you back in alignment? Have you just googled ‘exercises to stop back pain’.

You are not alone!

At Complete Pilates we listen to people say these sorts of things all the time and completely understand.

Lower back pain is one of the biggest reasons for people missing work and it can be really frustrating. Even if it is not a sharp pain but a constant ache, we understand how distracting this can be. There should be no reason why you cannot get on with normal life and activities that you enjoy!

There is lots of research backing exercise for pain. We have looked at this one article which focuses on Pilates and chronic low back pain. If you have any questions about how we can help please contact us

Effects of pilates exercise programmes in people with chronic lower back pain: Asystematic review

Antonio Patti, Antonio Bionci, Antonio Paoli et Al, Medicine, Volume 94. Number 4. Jan 2015

How do I fix my back pain

29 articles were used. 20 studies showed a reduction in lower back pain

  • 9 studies compared Pilates to minimal intervention.
  • 6 studies compared Pilates with other exercise programmes for pain.
  • 5 studies looked at the potential therapeutic effect of pilates for those with chronic lower back pain
How do I fix my back pain

Pilates v minimal intervention

Studies showed that the pilates groups required less pain relief than those who did not participate. 9 studies showed statistical significant improvements when using Pilates for the treatment of lower back pain

Pilates and chronic lower back pain - A female Pilates instructor assisting a man in his Pilates move using a machine in a studio.

Pilates v other exercise

6 studies showed a reduction in pain intensity for both Pilates and other exercise with frequency of symptoms, intensity and duration all reducing significantly. People in the Pilates groups were more likely to consistently follow their programs than other exercise groups.

How do I fix my back pain

Pilates for lower back pain

5 studies were included and all showed statistical significance as well as clinical significance in pain reduction.

How do I fix my back pain


The evidence base for Pilates is low and therefore larger and better studies are required. Pilates was shown to increase muscular strength and endurance, concluding that these exercises were more beneficial than no treatment or minimal physical activity. This is proven in the short term but longer term studies are required.

We hope you have found this useful but if you do have any questions please just ask.

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