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Pilates for older adults

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Are you trying to work out what type of exercise is right for you? Are you worried about going into the gym or doing an on demand service? Do you have medical concerns that you want to address or do you worry about falling? Or maybe you have no idea where to start?

At Complete Pilates we hear this all the time and completely understand.

The world of exercise can be daunting, especially if you are not used to it. We feel that the most important thing is to understand your body and this way you will be able to get stronger.

There is lots of research backing exercise and Pilates for older adults. This is just one of the articles! If you have any questions about how we can help please contact us

Influence of a Pilates exercise program on the quality of life in sedentary elderly people: a randomised clinical trial.

Liposcki DB, Da Silva Nagata IF, Silvanoga Zanella K, Schneider RH.

pilates for older adults

Why look at this area?

Pilates consists of a a programme of physical and mental training which has been shown to increase strength, flexibility, posture and motor abilities. Reduced quality in the life of older adults has been shown to be related to the qualities listed above.

pilates for older adults

Type of patients

24 women aged between 60 – 69 were selected for the clinical trial with 12 in a control group and 12 in the Pilates group. 20 women were re-evaluated at the end of the training period.

pilates for older adults

The Results

Over the period of the study, the Pilates participants showed a significant improvement in their quality of life, particularly in functional capacity. This backs up existing data in the area, as although different outcomes were used, results were similar with Pilates groups in the older adult for quality of life.

pilates for older adults


Practicing Pilates twice a week for 30 minutes over a six month period can significantly improve the quality of life in older adults. Furthermore it can stop deterioration within functional capacity and in physical aspects.

pilates for older adults

Limitations & Recommendations

There was no control over some of the variables which can impact quality of life including sleep quality, economic conditions and motivation. Further studies should assess the undertaken in the same population but with longer term outcomes assessed.

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