Pilates benefits in the City of London

Pilates benefits in London City - A woman in a brown hoody leg stretching in London City at dawn with a view over the river.

Pilates benefits in the City of London

Google “Pilates benefits London City” and you’ll find plenty of articles telling you about the physical benefits of Pilates.

Whilst these are amazing and we love talking about them at Complete Pilates, we also want you to know that Pilates can do more than merely give you a toned body.

The stress of living in a busy city like London can be extreme at times. So, for frazzled Londoners, the mindful benefits of Pilates can be especially helpful.

What’s more, regular practise can also be the perfect antidote to all those hours spent chained to your office desk.

The team at Complete Pilates want to convince busy city types to give Pilates a try.

So we’ve pulled together some of the main benefits of Pilates for the things most compromised by our hectic yet sedentary London lifestyles: our mental health and our posture.

Here goes:

Pilates can be the perfect way to destress

Pilates benefits in the City of London

1. Breathing

Pilates classes teach good breathing habits. And, deep and slow breathing helps reduce stress because of the calming signals it sends to the brain.

A regular Pilates practise can therefore help reduce your stress levels and improve your overall health.

2. Mindful Movement

Pilates require mindful movement. This means being focused on what is happening inside your body as you move.

This can calm and centre the mind. Again, this will bring more peace to your life – both inside and outside of the studio.

3. A Chance to Let Go

The Pilates equipment is like a climbing frame for grown-ups!

There is something incredibly freeing and childlike about moving in all directions and orientations. We think it is worth giving Pilates a try for this reason alone.

Pilates can solve postural issues

Pilates benefits in the City of London

1. Pilates improves your posture

Being hunched at your desk can lead to a head that is too far forwards and shoulders that hunch over.

This can lead to neck and shoulder pain.

Pilates can help undo these problems by helping you build a strong core, target muscle imbalances and improve your spine mobility.

2. Opens up your chest

Leading on from the first point, those muscles at the front of your body – particularly around your chest and shoulders – can get very tight after hours spent looking at your computer screen.

Pilates exercises open that area up helping to reduce any muscular discomfort.

3. Strengthens the posterior chain

Hours spent sitting can make your glutes switch off. But strong glutes are vital for protecting your lower back.

Pilates can help us bring muscles like these – and the rest of the extensor system – back to life to protect our spine, make us stand tall and help us perform everyday tasks with ease.

Pilates benefits for Londoners

If this article has convinced you of the benefits of Pilates then why not give it a go.

Do so and you might find that Pilates is the perfect antidote to the stresses and strains of London life.

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