Working towards our Complete Pilates vision

Our vision

Writing a mission statement for Complete Pilates has been both one of the easiest and hardest things I have had to do. In one way, I know exactly what I want us to achieve, and in others I have no idea how to break it down and make it manageable!

I understand that the point of a mission statement is for us to check in and see whether the decisions we are making are helping us to achieve it. It gives us something to measure these decisions on, and if they don’t get us a small step closer, help us decide whether we should be doing it.

We have grown rapidly in our first few years of trading, opening a site per year, having over 20 instructors, and doing over 300 sessions per week. This statement allows new, and existing, members of the team, to understand the core values of the company and have something in common. It also allows for people to see whether they want to be a part of the company, whether it be instructors, employees, or clients.

A client of ours gave me some great advice and said:

“My experience is that it’s a mistake to think too hard about this stuff.  I’ve lost count of the number of Visions etc that were actually just a cobbled-together compromise of polarised views by an exhausted team that hadn’t seen daylight for 12 hours…. The answer’s more likely to be somewhere between your heart and gut – sorry core – than brain.”

This resonated with me, hence the dear diary moment, and here is what I came up with.

Mission statement

At Complete Pilates we aim to deliver the highest quality, research and evidence based, medically led equipment Pilates. This is open to everyone, whether injured, on the road to recovery, or wanting to improve their overall health and lifestyle. We strive to create a community which is inclusive for all ages and abilities and have a team, and clients, who are happy, confident, challenged and functioning at their best, every day.

Vision statement

Prove it

We believe everything we do is for a reason. From the language we use, the props we give, or the exercises we choose, we constantly re-evaluate everything. Because of this we aim to create a pioneering link between Pilates and the medical and surgical community. We aim to continue to link with BARTS hospital trust and other private groups to participate in research, collect original data, and determining exactly how we can create a holistic approach. This data should be available to all, to challenge the status quo within Pilates, and to drive both Pilates and the medical community forwards.

Recognisable within spinal healthcare

Complete Pilates aims to be trusted by the leading spinal surgeons in London for both pre and post-operative care. Through our research and clinical outcomes, we aim to be recognised as leading in our field for all spinal patients and chronic pain cases. This should also involve education to the medical community on the importance of quality movement and research.

An extended and content community

We recognise that 1:1 sessions are not affordable for everyone. As a result, we aim to develop an extended community which looks to help those from all walks of life. This will be done through online learning, franchises both nationally and internationally and education in all forms.