Pilates for Weight Loss London City

Pilates weight loss London City - Pilates instructors helping individuals using pilates machines

Pilates weight loss London City

Weight loss is often the goal of women attending Pilates classes in London City.

And London has numerous Pilates classes with a focus on weight loss on offer.

These intense fitness Pilates workouts often incorporate HIIT training and weights. They might even be performed on a machine called a Megaformer, rather than the traditional equipment.

These classes might be fun. And you’ll definitely feel the burn after attending one of them. But science shows that building a healthy, strong body requires more than just working it to maximum capacity all the time.

Pilates weight loss techniques

At Complete Pilates, we believe that you should have a solid understanding of the Pilates techniques before attempting anything that is too fast-pace. This is mainly so that you can avoid getting injured.

But also, performing Pilates exercises with a focus on form and using the right muscle groups – rather than rushing through them – will mean you get the best results from your class.

Pilates weight loss is all about balance

Our Pilates classes and 1-2-1 sessions work on building flexibility, suppleness and toning your body. We do this by choosing the right exercises for you, as well as concentrating on technique and helping you achieve the best execution of the Pilates repertoire.

You might not always leave our sessions red in the face and exhausted, but if you’re looking for a leaner body this type of Pilates is still an excellent choice.

This is because building muscle density through weight-bearing exercises (like the ones we do at Complete) has a positive impact on weight loss. Basically, the more muscle you have the more fat you burn, even at rest.

So, instead of obsessing about weight loss, why not use Pilates as a way to make your body stronger and more efficient.

Pilates is part of the weight loss picture

We all love Pilates here at Complete (of course).

But we also recognise that a healthy body is something that requires a good diet and a regime that incorporates cardio, and maybe even some weighted exercises in the gym.

Joseph Pilates emphasised the importance of commitment being essential to achieving “whole-body health”.

We know it might sound boring, but physical wellbeing requires commitment to Pilates and an all-round healthy lifestyle.

Pilates weight loss and stress reduction

A healthy body and a healthy mind go hand in hand.

However, the importance of stress reduction in getting into shape is often underestimated.

Cortisol – the stress hormone – can increase the amount of fat you hold around your middle.

Again, this is where Pilates can help you out. Pilates, performed in a mindful, slow and intentional way can be great for relaxation and stress reduction.

So if you are looking for a way to lose weight in London, why not try one of our classes.

You might arrive with a focus on aesthetics and weight loss, and end with a new appreciation for the amazing things your body can do.

Oh, and you’ll end up looking great as well.